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Fresh News

Environmentally Friendly! Made from 100% recycled paper with moisture locking pellets and superior odour control.


NEW look Packaging!   SAME GREAT PRODUCT!


Fresh News Cat Litter

Fresh News Cat Litter

Moisture locking pellets with added baking soda to help neutralise litter tray odours. The soft pellets retain their form, helping to reduce pellets from sticking to the cat's paws and tracking around your home. 99% dust free and 100% non-allergenic. NEW PACKAGING. NEW LOOK .... Same Great Product!

1.82kg (4lbs) Code: FRE001 £2.83
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5.45kg (12lbs) Code: FRE005 £6.73
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11.36kg (25lbs) Code: FRE006 £13.44
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