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Litter Pearls Cat Litter

Litter Pearls unique technology absorbs moisture instantly and leaves litter dry to the touch!  Litter Pearls lock in odours yet allows the liquid to evaporate over and over for up to one month for one cat.  Litter Pearls are non-toxic and safe for both cats and their owners.

One 1.81kg bag lasts up to one month for one cat when managed properly.




Litter Pearls Micro Crystals

Litter Pearls Micro Crystals

Sand-sized crystals eliminate litter box odours. Soft on cat's paws. Non-clumping. Great for all cats. Fragrance Free

1.59kg (3.5 lb) Code: LIT065 £5.58 Temporarily out of stock
4.77kg (10.5lb) Code: LIT066 £16.47 Temporarily out of stock
Tracksless Litter Pearls

Tracksless Litter Pearls

Premium quality silica gel litter. Shaped to minimise tracking. Low-dust and non-allergenic. Fragrance free.

1.81kg (4lbs) Code: LIT055 £6.39
3.63kg (8lbs) Code: LIT056 £12.53
Litter Pearls Wellness

Litter Pearls Wellness

Made from ultra absorbent crystals with coloured pearls which are soft on paws. Fragrance free. Great for long-haired cats.

1.59kg (3.5lbs) Code: LIT060 £6.11