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World's Best Cat Litter

A truly unique product made from corn kernel, World's Best is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. World's Best Cat Litter is both clumpable and scoopable. The clumps absorb odour quickly, are easy to scoop and are flushable. It's also clean, dust free and with low tracking there's less scattering. There is no need to worry about ingested litter as World's Best will pass safely through your cats digestive system. Providing a virtually odourless solution, the long-lasting formulas make it great value.
World's Best Original Formula

World's Best Original Formula

6.35kg Code: WO007 £15.00 Temporarily out of stock
12.7kg Code: WO015 £29.00 Temporarily out of stock
World's Best Extra Strength

World's Best Extra Strength

Ideal for multi-cat households. In addition to clumping harder, Extra Strength handles multi-cat odour with the addition of a natural plant-derived ingredient.

3kg Code: WO013 £10.75 Temporarily out of stock
6.35kg Code: WO017 £16.00 Temporarily out of stock
12.7kg Code: WO025 £30.00 Temporarily out of stock