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Did you know that pet bowls are the 4th most germ ridden place in the home? KleanBowl offers a solution with a no-wash pet food stainless steel bowl, uniquely designed with a compostable lining which is disposed of after each use, greatly reducing the risk of food contamination and health risks for pets and the family. A non-skid base reduces bowl movement across the floor. Suitable for food and water. Stainless steel frame available in three sizes and includes a pack of 7 compostable replacement lining bowls.

8oz with 7 refill bowls Code: KI020 £12.11
16oz with 7 refill bowls Code: KI021 £13.46
24oz with 7 refill bowls Code: KI022 £15.47
Kleanbowl Pet Refill Bowls

Kleanbowl Pet Refill Bowls

Disposable replacement lining bowls for use with the Kleanbowl. Made from biodegradable, compostable and recyclable sugar cane fibre.

8oz pack of 50 refill bowls Code: KI030 £8.39 Temporarily out of stock
24oz pack of 50 refill bowls Code: KI032 £11.77
Krocodile Pill Splitter / Crusher

Krocodile Pill Splitter / Crusher

Pet pill giving made easy! Now you can split or crush pills for your pet with ease. Accurately splits thousands of pills or use the crush plate to turn pills into powder. The precision-engineered stainless steel blade is rustproof and resistant to buckling, bending and nicking. The blade is designed to last and last and when it is time to replace it, simply insert a new one. No need to keep having to buy new devices.

Single Code: KI001 £26.92