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Pet Remedy

A new and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety.  Several years of research and trials have resulted in a unique blend of essential oils which relaxes and calms your pet.

Ideal for all pets including dogs, cats, rodents, horses other mammals and birds.

Pet Remedy Plug-in

Pet Remedy Plug-in

A natural way of tackling stress and anxiety. The special Pet Remedy blend of Valerian essential oil with Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Sage naturally de-stresses and calms pets with a slow release technology delivering up to 6-8 weeks of treatment. Starts to work immediately once plugged in. Coverage up to 650 sq ft, enough for a large room. Refill bottles available.

40ml plug-in diffuser Code: PET001 £17.00
Refill Pack (2 x 40ml Refill Bottles) Code: PET005 £17.00
Pet Remedy De-Stressing & Calming Spray

Pet Remedy De-Stressing & Calming Spray

With a special proven blend of Valerian, Vetivert and other calming essential oils. Spray directly on bedding, carpet, soft furnishings, in the car, stable or horsebox. Suitable for all pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, horses, other mammals and birds. PH neutral, so harmless if accidentally sprayed on pet.

200ml Code: PET010 £15.00