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Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover - Equine

Urine Off is perfect for the harsh realities of horse urine.

It is formulated for removing horse urine and odours in trailers, stalls, blankets, tack, and personal clothing. Urine Off Equine Formula helps prevent respiratory problems due to prolonged exposure to urine build-up in stalls and trailers.

Urine Finder Professional LED UV Light Kit

Urine Finder Professional LED UV Light Kit

A special LED UV Light that is specifically tuned to find dried urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye, making it easy to find the area that requires treatment (needs dark conditions to work). Ideal for large areas. (Kit contains 1 x professional LED Light, Goggles and Charger)

Single Kit Code: UR200 £65.00

Yard Clean

Multi-Purpose Odour Eliminator (Concentrate 20:1). Works like magic to remove unpleasant smells from all outdoor areas.

Yard Clean will clean and deodorise even the strongest odours. Non-toxic and safe to use around people and pets. Use on concrete, patio areas, artificial grass and any outdoor areas. Suitable for use in Animal Care Centres, Catteries, Kennels, Stables, Farmyards and refuse areas.

3.78 litre size makes OVER 75 LITRES using the recommended mix of 20:1, working out at approx. only 53p per litre!

Yard Clean

Yard Clean

An environmentally friendly, multi-purpose odour eliminator which is safe to use with disinfectant. Ideal for patio's, exercise areas and for wheely bins. For best results use daily or regularly as required, mixing 1 part Yard Clean to 20 parts water.

946ml Code: YAR001 £15.63
3.78 litres (1 US Gallon) Code: YAR002 £44.67

Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover

Finally - something that actually works!

Urine Off permanently eradicates the problem of urine odours and stains from virtually any surface.  The natural bio-enzymatic formula is specifically designed to 'eat' the insoluble uric acid crystals, a component of urine that binds itself to the surface and is very difficult to remove.

Non-toxic and safe to use around pets and humans.

It works on fresh and old stains and odours.

May be used on vitually any surface including:

  • Furniture and mattresses
  • Litter Boxes
  • Concrete floors, hardwood floors, tiles and other hard surfaces
  • Clothing, bed linen and towels
  • Carpet, rugs and upholstery

Visit for a full range of Urine Off products for your home.


For outdoor areas, including Artificial Grass, see below for Yard Clean.





Urine Off Pet Professional Concentrate

Urine Off Pet Professional Concentrate

This bulk dispensing system is the most economical way to use Urine Off in large areas. Perfect for dealing with animal urine in runs or kennels both indoor and outdoor. Ideal for breeders, boarding facilities, groomers and veterinary clinics. Also suitable for use in stables and horse boxes. Pour the Pet Professional Concentrate in to the Fill Pro Container and add water to the 5 US Gallon mark. (Container and concentrate bought separately)

Urine Off Fill Pro 5 US Gallon EMPTY CONTAINER (for use with the concentrate) Code: UR143 £32.26
Urine Off Pet Professional 3.15 Litre Concentrate (add water to make 5 US Gallons) Code: UR144 £68.69
Urine Off Multi-Pet

Urine Off Multi-Pet

A natural, environmentally friendly spray which doesn’t simply mask the smell, but eliminates urine odours and stains permanently by removing all the components of urine. 500ML SPRAY CURRENTLY £8.00 (normally £9.47)

500ml spray bottle Code: UR022 £9.99
SPECIAL DUO-BUY. Two 500ml Urine Off Multi-Pet Code: UR023 £18.00
Urine Off Multi Pet Combo Pack

Urine Off Multi Pet Combo Pack

Find it…Treat it! Special Combo Pack containing the Urine Finder Mini UV Light and a 500ml Urine Off Multi Pet Spray.

Urine Off Multi Pet 500ml Combo Pack Code: UR107 £24.62


Committed to disease prevention and healthy skin, NewGenn has always been focused on gentle products that are environmentally, people and animal friendly.

NewGenn Wet Wipes

NewGenn Wet Wipes

A genuine all purpose wet wipe that may be used on skin and also to wipe surfaces. So gentle they can be used for premature babies and are perfect for wiping your pets eyes, ears or paws. Free of alcohol and antimicrobial they are both people and animal friendly.

52 per pack Code: NEW030 £3.50